Simple horseback riding experience (20min)

¥2,500 (ex.)

The staff will be beside you as you walk, ensuring that even if you’re new to horse riding, you’ll feel at ease. After exploring the stable, we’ll stroll through the garden and capture some photos of you there.

Horse riding experience (30min)

¥4,500 (ex.)

You’ll have the opportunity to practice guiding the horse on your own. Our staff will provide thorough explanations, especially if you’re a first-time rider. Following the riding session in the stable, we’ll take a leisurely stroll through the garden and snap some photos of you there.

Horseback riding lesson (40min)

¥6,500 (ex.)

This is a private one-on-one lesson tailored for you. Our goal is to help beginners smoothly guide their horses, progressing from a steady walk to a gentle, faster-paced walk. Once you feel comfortable, you can even try your hand at cantering.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and suitable sneakers.

*Individuals weighing 80 kg or more are not permitted to use the facilities. We appreciate your understanding in advance.