Retreat Program

At Basara Horse Garden, we provide a program that offers you the opportunity to engage in horse therapy firsthand. Come and enjoy a therapeutic experience amidst our beautiful English garden, allowing yourself to unwind and rejuvenate

Introduction of Program Contents


Counseling Interview

We’ll attentively listen to your desires and concerns, striving to tailor a program that aligns closely with your needs.


Meditation With Horses<

Allow your body to unwind while on horseback. Initially, you might feel a bit nervous, but as you gently stretch atop the horse, you’ll gradually relax by leaning into its comforting presence, connecting with the soothing rhythm of its movement. In our daily lives, we often forget how to truly relax when our bodies are accustomed to tension. We’ll prepare our bodies for meditation within the dome house, and following this, we’ll embark on a tranquil horseback journey through the garden, transitioning from the stable to the dome house. If you’d like, our staff can also capture memorable moments with photographs.


in Dome House

We will use tuning forks to prepare your body for meditation in order to make it easier for first-time meditators. You will relax and meditate with the aroma of your choice. As you experience a moment of not thinking, you can expect various changes, such as a clearer mind and the realization of your authentic self.


Grab a bite

Enjoy light refreshments at your preferred garden spot. Exclusive to retreat program participants, you have the option to dine in a charming horse-drawn carriage arranged within the garden. Select a delightful light meal and beverage from our café’s menu, featuring organic coffee and pesticide-free herbal teas cultivated on our very own farm.

Tunning fork

If you wish, you can add a tuning fork for 80 minutes / 11,000 yen (including counseling and post-treatment advice).